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Title: Processing from Terra Preta de Índios to the whole world.
Authors: INTERNATIONAL BIOCHAR CONFERENCE, 3., 2010, Rio de Janeiro.
Date Issued: 2010
Citation: Rio de Janeiro: Embrapa Solos, 2010.
Description: 1. Biochar production and new products. Biomass sources, residues and co-products recycling. Management of emissions, wastes, and byproducts from biochar production. 2. Integrated biochar systems. Design and evaluation of small and large scale systems. 3. Characterization of fresh and aged biochars. Physico-chemical characterization of structural recalcitrance and functionalities. IBI's biochar characterization effort. 4. Biochar quantification in the environment. 5. Biochar amendments to soils. Agronomic evaluations and effects on soil carbon dynamics. 6. Terra Preta de Índios: state of the art. 7. Climate change mitigation value and potential. 8. Sustainability, certification and legislation. 9. Commercializing biochar and large scale dissemination - economic, commercial, and industrial issues. 10. Emissions trading and climate change policy.
Thesagro: Biomassa
Mudança Climática
NAL Thesaurus: biochar
climate change
Keywords: Terra preta de índio
Series/Report no.: (Embrapa Solos. Documentos, 120).
ISSN: 1517-2627
Language: Ingles
Notes: Editado por: Etelvino Henrique Novotny.
Type of Material: Anais e Proceedings de eventos
Access: openAccess
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