The Agricultural Technological Information Service (Infoteca-e) collects and provides access to information on technologies produced by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). The collections comprise self-edited materials such as books for tecnology transfer, primers, radio and television programs with information related to the several areas of expertise. Appropriate language is used to ensure that farmers, extensionists, agricultural technicians, students and teachers from rural schools, cooperatives and other sectors of agricultural production are able to assimilate information more easily and, as a result, to appropriate themselves of the technologies developed by Embrapa.

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Recent Submissions

CULTIVARES de soja Macrorregiões 3, 4 e 5 Goiás e Região Central do Brasil.

Perfil da produção de artigos da Embrapa entre 2007 e 2015: oportunidades e desafios.

Pinta atroz.

Protocolo de coleta e montagem de psilídeos.

Relatório de gestão 2013.

Relatório de gestão 2014.

Relatório de gestão 2015.

Vinhos da campanha.

Uva para processamento (PAS)

Uma parceria do bem.