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Research center of Embrapa/Collection: Embrapa Amazônia Ocidental - Fôlder / Folheto / Cartilha (INFOTECA-E)
Date Issued: 1999
Type of Material: Fôlder / Folheto / Cartilha (INFOTECA-E)
Authors: MARQUES, J.
Additional Information: University of Bayreuth; WENCESLAU GERALDES TEIXEIRA, CPAA.
Title: Soil water availability as affected by the cover crop Pueraria phaseoloides in the central Amazon.
Publisher: In: SHIFT PROJECT ENV 45/2. Water and nutrient fluxes as indicators for the stability of different land use systems on the terra firme near Manaus. Manaus: Embrapa Amazonia Ocidental/University of Bayreuth, 1999. Annual Report 1999.
Pages: p. 23.
Language: en
Keywords: Brasil
Description: Study on the effects of the cover crop pueraria on soil water cycling, in Manaus-AM (Brasil). Partial results showed that under the experimental conditions, there was a higher soil water availability under the cover crop that in bare soil due to reduced evaporation from the soil surface. Under these conditions, a cover crop may play an important role in water conservation and hence crop production on Xanthic Ferralsols of the central Amazon.
Thesagro: Floresta Tropical Úmida
Pueraria Phaseoloides
Relação Solo-Água
Umidade do Solo
NAL Thesaurus: soil water
Data Documento: 2000-07-25
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