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dc.contributor.authorGUERRA, A. F.por
dc.contributor.authorROCHA, O. C.por
dc.contributor.authorRODRIGUES, G. C.por
dc.contributor.authorSOUZA, P. I. de M. depor
dc.descriptionABSTRACT: Efficient use of water resources is the key to guarantee suply for future human consumption and irrigation. In the irrigated areas of the Cerrado region pressurized irrigation systems allow high efficiency in water conduction. However, lack of knowledge in crop water requirement determine inadequated crop water management. Negative effect on crop due to excessive watering or irrigation in deficit are commonly seen in the irrigated agriculture. Using adequated crop coefficients determined in the Cerrado region, pan evaporation method can be used to help farmers in irrigation scheduling. By using a weighting lisimeter installed in a eight ha area irrigated by center pivot, crop coeficients were determined for soybean crop (cultivar Sambaiba). These values are about 25% higher than the values found in the literature and explain why this method was not frequently used for irrigation scheduling in the Cerrado region.por
dc.description.uri bitstream/CPAC-2009/28483/1/comtec_120.pdfpor
dc.publisherPlanaltina, DF: Embrapa Cerrados, 2005.por
dc.relation.ispartofEmbrapa Cerrados - Comunicado Técnico (INFOTECA-E)por
dc.relation.ispartofseries(Embrapa Cerrados. Comunicado Técnico, 120).por
dc.titleMétodo do tanque Classe A para irrigação da soja, cultivar Sambaíba, no Cerrado.por
dc.typeComunicado Técnico (INFOTECA-E)por
dc.subject.thesagroGlycine Maxpor
dc.subject.thesagroManejo de Águapor
dc.subject.nalthesauruswater management.por
dc.format.extent23 p.por
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