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Research center of Embrapa/Collection: Embrapa Meio-Norte - Fôlder / Folheto / Cartilha (INFOTECA-E)
Date Issued: 2018
Type of Material: Fôlder / Folheto / Cartilha (INFOTECA-E)
Authors: KIMPARA, J. M.
Additional Information: JANAINA MITSUE KIMPARA, CPAMN; PAULIN NANA, Dschang University, campus Ebolowa; VANESSA K. SILVA, CNPq/Fapepi/DCR.
Title: Farming insects as food and feed source.
Publisher: Tersina: Embrapa Meio-Norte, 2018.
Language: en
Description: Farming insects as food and feed source; But... why insects?; Bugs as feed for chicken and fish; How to farm insects? Mealworm; Mealworm larvae meal composition; Black cricket meal composition; Black soldier fly meal (MagMeal from AgriProtein); Black crickets; Black soldier fly (BSF).
Thesagro: Inseto
Alimento Alternativo
Alimento Animal
NAL Thesaurus: Insects
Edible insects
Animal feeding.
Data Documento: 2018-10-10
Appears in Collections:Folder / Folheto / Cartilha (CPAMN)

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