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Unidade da Embrapa/Coleção:: Embrapa Cerrados - Documentos (INFOTECA-E)
Data do documento: 20-Mar-2008
Tipo do Material: Documentos (INFOTECA-E)
Autoria: CARGNIN, A.
Informaçães Adicionais: Adeliano Cargnin, CPAC.
Título: Melhoramento de plantas: progresso genético e ambiental.
Edição: 2007
Fonte/Imprenta: Planaltina, DF: Embrapa Cerrados, 2007.
Páginas: 19 p.
Série: (Embrapa Cerrados. Documentos, 183).
Idioma: pt_BR
Palavras-chave: Genotypes.
Conteúdo: ABSTRACT: The plant breeding plays basic role in the attainment of suitable and superior genotypes to be used for farmers. The estimates of the genetic and environmental progress reached by the breeding programs are important to quantify the efficiency of the executed works and to define new strategies of breeding programs. Some techniques had been developed with intention to quantify the genetic progress gotten by the breeding programs. Although many alternatives of techniques to estimate of the genetic progress, nor all to exist can be applied to all the existing data sets. The use of one or another techniques goes to depend on the availability of common genotypes during all the period of evaluation who are demanded by the methods of the regression, or some to common cultivars to each pair of years, used to isolate the ambient effect. The methods based on regression still have the disadvantage of only having validity will have better adjustment of the regression model. The techniques that they use to common cultivars to each pair of years are considered more flexible, allowing that the cultivars evaluation program either more dynamic and the estimates of progress with higger validity.
Thesagro: Genótipo
Método de Melhoramento.
Melhoramento Genético Vegetal
NAL Thesaurus: breeding methods
plant breeding.
Ano de Publicação: 2007
Aparece nas coleções:Série Documentos (CPAC)

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