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Title: Algumas informações sobre a produção e o armazenamento de sementes de Cratylia argentea.
Authors: RAMOS, A. K. B.
SOUZA, M. A. de
Date Issued: 2003
Citation: Planaltina, DF: Embrapa Cerrados, 2003.
Pages: 4 p.
Description: ABSTRACT: Cratylia argentea is a promising shrub forage legume native of Cerrado ecosystem. Information concerning the reproductive phenology, seed morphology, and seed production and storage are presented. Seed production varies with genotype, age, and spacing of the plants. Seeds of Cratylia argentea can be harvested manually, sun dried and hand cleaned. Seed dormancy is absent. Storage in room conditions, sustain the seed quality for one year from the harvest date. Cold storage is necessary for long-term conservation. Initial seed quality and the genotypic response to storage condition should be considered in the adoption of conservation and use strategies. Increasing demand for seeds of Cratylia argentea will need the development of mechanized harvest systems.
Thesagro: Armazenamento
Leguminosa Forrageira
Produção de Sementes
NAL Thesaurus: storage
Keywords: Cratylia argenta
Feed legumes
Seed production
Series/Report no.: (Embrapa Cerrados. Circular Técnica, 25).
Type of Material: Folhetos
Access: openAccess
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