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Research center of Embrapa/Collection: Embrapa Cerrados - Circular Técnica (INFOTECA-E)
Date Issued: 1996
Type of Material: Circular Técnica (INFOTECA-E)
Authors: SOUSA, D. M. G. de
Title: Correcao do solo e adubacao da cultura da soja.
Publisher: Planaltina, DF: EMBRAPA-CPAC, 1996.
Pages: 30p.
Series/Report no.: (EMBRAPA-CPAC. Circular Tecnica, 33).
Language: pt_BR
Keywords: Micronutriente
Aspecto economico
Phosphate fertilizers
Potash fertilizers
Micronutrient fertilizers
Economic situation.
Description: In order to grow soybeans in cerrado soils it is necessary a previous, reduction of soil acidity and to build up the soil fertility. It is recommended the application of limestone to raise the soil pH up to the range between 5,5 and 6,0 or to increase base saturation up to 50%. The chemical constraints for root growth in the subsurface soil layers, such as the high aluminum saturation and/or calcium defficiency, can be overcome by the addition of gypsum. The recomended levels of gypsum vary from 700 kg/ha for sandy soils to 3200 kg/ha for heavy clayey soils. Fertilizers to supply phosphorus and potassium are recommended according to their availability in the soil determined by chemical analysis. Critical levels for those nutrients as well as the fertilizers recommendations are presented and vary with soil clay content. Alternatives for these aplications are offered. As for the micronutrients, the fertilizers recommendations are based on their availability detected either by plant or soil analysis. The most common deficiency is related to zinc. There are, also, some indications for boron and copper defficiencies after a few years of cropping.
Thesagro: Acidez do Solo
Fertilidade do Solo
Fertilizante Fosfatado
Fertilizante Potássico
Fertilizante Nitrogenado
Glycine Max
NAL Thesaurus: Ferralsols
acid soils
fertilizer application
nitrogen fertilizers
trace elements.
soil fertility
Data Documento: 1996-05-24
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