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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Cover crop and fertilization effects on nutrient dynamics in fruit tree cropping in the central Amazon.TRUJILLO, L.; LEHMANN, J.; CRAVO, M. D. S.
1998Fast soil solution nutrient and water dynamics in top- and subsoil.RENCK, A.; LEHMANN, J.; KAISER, K.; MARQUES, J.; TEIXEIRA, W. G.
1999Litter quality effects on decomposition by diplopodes and 15N recovery of central Amazonian agroforestry tree species.SEITZ, D.; LEHMANN, J.; GARCIA, M. V. B.; HAHAGARTH, W.; HOFFMANN, K.; ZECH, W.
1999Microbial biomass as affect by litter quality and fertilization Xanthic Ferrasol.SILVA JUNIOR, J. P. da; SILVA, R.; FERNANDES, T.; LEHMANN, J.
1998Nitrogen use of a mixed tree crop plantation with a leguminous cover crop.LEHMANN, J.; SILVA JUNIOR, J. P. da; GEBAUER, G.; SILVA, L. F. da
1997Single tree effects on soil organic matter.LEHMANN, J.; CRAVO, M.; ZECH, W.
1999Single tree-effects on denitrification and soil microbial biomass in agroforestry systems and natural forests of the Amazon region.MENYAILO, O.; LEHMANN, J.; DINISCH, O.; CRAVO, M. D. S.; BAUCH, J.; ZECH, W.
1998Single-tree effects on soil organic matter properties of a xanthic Ferralsol in the central Amazon.LEHMANN, J.; CRAVO, M. da S.
1998Soil nutrient amendment with leaves of varying quality.FERNANDES, T. P.; SILVA, R. B.; SILVA JUNIOR, J. P. da; LEHMANN, J.
1999Soil water availability as affected by the cover crop Pueraria phaseoloides in the central Amazon.MARQUES, J.; TEIXEIRA, W. G.; LEHMANN, J.